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The stationery bag industry has gradually entered a stable and mature stage

Add time:2020.05.21

In recent years, the development of China's stationery bag industry has been particularly rapid. The products have been updated faster, the quality has been significantly improved, the color varieties have basically been in line with foreign countries, and the technical content of the products has also been greatly improved. The stationery bag industry, as a domestic light industrial product, is playing a more and more important role in the world.

In countries such as Europe, America and Japan, internationally well-known manufacturers and retailers of stationery bag brands have become major players in the stationery market. They continue to transfer production links to developing countries with lower costs through OEM / ODM. On its own, it firmly controls product development, brand operation, and channel construction at the top of the value chain to maximize revenue and profits.

China's stationery bag market is composed of more than 300 million students and more than 100 million office workers to form a core consumer group. But in a broad sense, the stationery bag penetrates into people's daily life behavior. In this sense, the stationery bag market is a huge consumer goods market. As of the end of 2018, there were more than 8,000 stationery manufacturers in China, but few companies had sales of more than one billion yuan. More than 90% of stationery manufacturers had annual sales of less than 10 million yuan. Most enterprises have poor single product competitiveness, and most of them are concentrated on low-end products.

China has more than 8,000 stationery production enterprises, large and small, and 1,500 production enterprises above designated size, with more than 70% concentrated in the two major regions of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. However, among the many manufacturing companies, sales with more than 10 million yuan accounted for only 10%, and only 4 companies with annual sales of 1 billion were Chenguang Stationery, Qixin Group, Guangshen Co., Ltd. and not yet listed. True color stationery. Calculated by the industry scale of 150 billion, the income level of the top four companies in China is about 8 billion, and CR4 is only 5.3%. There is still huge room for increase in the concentration of China's stationery industry.

Analysis of the stationery bag industry, in the future, with the vigorous development of China's economy and the continuous upgrade of residents' consumption concepts, the consumption of stationery bags will develop towards individualization, fashion and branding. There are about 500 million students and various types of trainees in China. With the increase of family income and the increase of students ’disposable income, the student stationery bag market has grown rapidly, showing a fashionable appearance, diversified functions, hierarchical structure and grade Diversified characteristics.

At present, China's stationery bag industry has undergone long-term development, transformation and improvement, and has formed the characteristics of "small commodities, large markets, small enterprises, and large industries".

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