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The safety of purchasing stationery is very important

Add time:2020.05.21

A special survey found that most elementary school stationery items in 50 stores were relatively standard, but some stationery items sold at counters in the farmers ’market had fake and inferior products, and some imported stationery items had no Chinese signs, such as rubber, fruity correction fluid, perfume stationery There is a smell; the Consumer Association issued a consumer warning to remind parents of students that they should pay attention to safety and environmental protection when purchasing stationery for primary school students.

Choose regular shopping malls and stationery stores. First look at the appearance, check the label, see if the product has a complete logo, and buy stationery marked with "environmental protection, non-toxic" and other words.

Avoid buying too much toy stationery. Toy-made stationery may distract children's attention and affect children's rational thinking. In particular, some toy stationery lacks corresponding safety warnings, which may cause harm to children. Parents should choose stationery for their children with simple design, single function and practicality, simple colors and appearance, and packaging with warning signs.

Pay attention to the safety of all kinds of children's stationery. Parents should avoid purchasing products used by over-ages when choosing stationery for their children. They should pay attention to the information on the implementation standards marked on the product logo, the applicable age of the product, and other information. Chinese signs and instructions can easily cause misuse of stationery and cause unnecessary harm.


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