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Development of small and medium enterprises should continue stationery research and innovation

Add time:2014.07.23

       Stationery industry matures brought fierce competition in the industry, as well as the consequent homogenization of the industry, whether it is the current appearance of the product on the market, enterprise content, services, methods are strikingly similar. And from the fore, SMEs need to develop sustainable design innovation, technology research and development capabilities.

       As the domestic market and over the cottage style, a best-selling models in any stationery student can see his shadow in the market. This is a serious blow to the ongoing development of innovative enterprise enthusiasm, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. And to maintain long-term R & D is not easy even enthusiasm.

       Research and innovation capacity of enterprises determine the enterprise's core competitiveness, any product has a life cycle, any customer preferences will change, relying on a successful product, the product of momentary success, it is difficult to make this business in this industry remain unbeaten land. The only way to allow enterprises to continue to survive on the basis that continued research and innovation capacity of enterprises, continuing to meet customer demand response capabilities to meet the changing market.

       Continuous product innovation to further enhance product design stationery manufacturer's image in the minds of consumers, to further enhance brand awareness, which requires stationery manufacturer with close close awareness of domestic consumers and a strong ability to capture the hot market. In addition, the stationery business in order to stay ahead in the market, we must continue to advantages in technology research and development of new products, new technologies, new processes, new materials to build, which requires companies in areas such as production techniques, technology and materials have a long huge reserves and professional personnel to support ongoing product innovation.

       In addition, an efficient R & D organization is to ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise basis, reasonable structure, a clear division of responsibilities, good teamwork and problem handling mechanism mechanisms, and ensure the efficient operation of the system and related organizational support system.

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