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Stationery brand stationery wholesale changes to the traditional challenges

Add time:2014.07.23

      With the change stationery industry, consumers have begun to demand more and stationery clear direction. It also affects the traditional stationery wholesale operations. As more and more consumers are interested in buying branded stationery, stationery products have certain requirements. With senior brand products to operate stationery stores, specialized market, more and more traditional wholesale market will also influence waning.

      Now, faced with a wide variety of stationery consumers more choices available. Stationery diversified, multi-level consumption structure has been formed, and to develop high-end products. It is understood that the existing domestic and international well-known stationery brands have less than 500, not including the continuous influx of the market in recent years, "Japanese goods," "Korean goods."

      Wholesalers Currently, many traditional markets for small wholesalers are relying on product distribution post a profit, but really to provide services and support to lower-level dealers and retailers are not many, resulting in some big brands stationer go directly supply Shop point road, "bypass" those "shopkeeper and other providers," the traditional wholesalers.

      The industry believes that the traditional stationery wholesaler seems to have become a brand stationery manufacturers call "tasteless" tasteless gesture. On the one hand they do not want, "detours", "roundabout", on the other hand they do not want to give up resources owned wholesaler, after all, they still need to rely on wholesale channels to drive sales, wholesalers and consumers need to communicate with each other already formed way.

      It is undeniable that stationery sales into the era of the brand, the brand forward traditional challenges. Thus, with the stationery market competition intensified, traditional wholesalers "and other providers shopkeeper" mode of operation will be eliminated, because of this, they also need to take the initiative to seek a new transformation.

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