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Stationery industry-scale production and quality assurance needs to be improved

Add time:2014.07.23

       In recent years, with the expansion of demand for stationery, stationery industry, the development of increasingly sophisticated, consumers can more rational consumption. But nevertheless, stationery industry due to lower production threshold, the phenomenon of mixed products still exist, there are many manufacturers of three without hiding them.

       Although many consumers have tended stationery brand stationery purchases, but three non-manufacturers still have a certain market exists that is reasonable, not all consumers tend to branded products, which also makes a lot of business "swoop" . However, quality assurance is the eternal theme of enterprise development bigger, to build a strong brand assurance, quality stationery is essential. Intense competition and foreign stationery improve internal environmental standards in all aspects of student stationery made ​​more stringent requirements.

       Meanwhile, the company's large-scale production and product quality are closely related. Large-scale production in the manufacturing technology and processes to establish the basis of a long-term accumulation over the same time, a wide range of stationery products industry, the need to constantly adjust production to market demand, require companies to have a mature, stable flexible production capacity in order to effectively guarantee the large-scale production in product quality and stability and reduce the defect rate. Large-scale production and quality assurance will require a lot of practical experience and technical research and development capabilities, high time costs, new entrants difficult to achieve in the short term.

       For small stationery enterprises, in order to break the shackles of the quality of its development bottleneck farther on the road to development of the industry, must be high quality, heavy production. Must raise awareness of quality stationery products, standardize the production process in order to go farther and farther on the road of development.

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