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Brazil defeat depression caused by consumption, or will affect Pakistan Commodity Trading

Add time:2014.07.23

Soccer is the national sport in Brazil, but also a symbol of the country. In many countries, the football game is purely a sporting event, while the Brazilian people is that it has significance beyond this level. 4 strong race in the World Cup, the Brazilian team to score 1:7 defeat at the hands of the German team, so that thousands of Brazilians grief. Angry fans set fire to ignite a public bus, shouting in the street crying and had a heated brawl.

Brazil defeated the effect also extends to political, economic level. October of this year, Brazil will hold general elections, incumbent President Rousseff desire to seek re-election, however, the Brazilian team had failed to make more people dissatisfied with the government's rejection of Rousseff, so the election will be all over the road thorns; over the next few months , the Brazilian people will be immersed in depression among depressed consumer sentiment, many goods will be a certain degree of unmarketable. Its short-term economic confidence may be damaged.

As early as the beginning of the World Cup a few months ago, a lot of cross-border electricity supplier sellers started early use of the World Cup in full swing in a big fight. Chinese businessmen did not miss this quadrennial global opportunities. A variety of team uniforms, cheer tools, flags, mascot dolls, small souvenirs continue to sell in Brazil.

If Brazil win, then the country will fall into a complete carnival, nationalist passions would unreservedly erupted, fans nationwide through eating and drinking, playing a large share to express joy after the victory. At this point, Brazilian food, alcohol, beverages, cigarettes and Brazil jersey, World Cup mascot souvenirs and other commodities will once again usher in a new wave of consumption.

However, in the face of cold 1:7 defeat, it's all become a hypothesis. Over the next few months, many people will be caught up in the Brazilian grief sorrow and grief, their consumer behavior will also be suppressed. Many people may hurry to go home after work and wash sleep early, maybe sleep in order to let them forget the pain. At this time, a large number of imports during the World Cup soccer jerseys, souvenirs, etc. There is no doubt there will be unmarketable.

For Chinese exporters, the Brazilian people depressed consumer sentiment will certainly also have an impact. Consumption binge during the World Cup will also be gradually cooled, it will return to a rational consumer behavior, some markets may even be shrinking.

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