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What are the stationery industry development barriers

Add time:2014.07.23

Currently most of our stationery manufacturers are engaged in a simple OEM OEM production, processing and simply did not have much of OEM production threshold. But for brands strive for sustainable profitability and sales of stationery manufacturing enterprises there is a higher trade barriers, usually include the following aspects:

      First, the large-scale production and quality assurance

      Stationery industry due to lower production threshold, so there are many manufacturers of three non-participation in them. Stationery industry to establish long-term large-scale production and process manufacturing technologies accumulated basis, while the stationery industry wide range of products, the need to constantly adjust production to market demand, require companies to have a mature, stable flexible production capacity in order to effectively guarantee the scale production of stable product quality and lower defect rate. Large-scale production and quality assurance will require a lot of practical experience and technical research and development capabilities, high time costs, new entrants difficult to achieve in the short term.

      Second, the marketing network construction and management

      Marketing network construction is an important means of domestic stationery enterprises to seize the market, to gain competitive advantage. At present, China Stationery industry (especially students stationery) retail terminal channels lower concentration, basic to individual traders and small micro-marketing company based. So to build and improve on the Chinese market-wide coverage and high efficiency of logistics and information management in the wholesale, retail funds required for network system into a large, difficult to manage and maintain a high quality of personnel demanding. Meanwhile, after years of marketing network market competition for stationery sales located near schools, the population is concentrated in the community, the main city, the downtown shopping district and other marketing outlets can open up increasingly difficult to achieve scale. New business is difficult to establish a mature marketing network in the short term.

      Third, brand awareness

      Brand awareness is one of the core competitiveness of enterprises to maintain brand stationery long-term development. Focus on brand influence in the stationery business better able to gradually establish a stable, loyal consumer base, stationery brand competition are also competitively price competition from a single to a multi-dimensional technology, management, quality, and cultural changes constitute . Enterprises and their products if there is no brand awareness, the competition in the future is difficult to stand our ground, but to build a brand and certainly not overnight success. Stationery and other consumer goods at home and abroad well-known brands to build according to experience, building brand awareness is a long-term accumulation and precipitation processes, the need to establish a long-term consumer experience in consumer, corporate brand management for many years on the basis of at least ten years, more than a few decades, centuries. Have influence and shape the brand awareness for new businesses, is a very high barriers to entry.

      Fourth, the continuous innovation in product design, R & D capabilities

      Continuous innovation in product design to further enhance product image in the minds of consumers, to further enhance brand awareness, which requires close close stationery business has a strong awareness and ability to capture the domestic consumer market hot. In addition, the stationery business in order to stay ahead in the market, we must continue to advantages in technology research and development of new products, new technologies, new processes, new materials to build, which requires companies in areas such as production techniques, technology and materials have a long huge reserves and professional personnel to support ongoing product innovation.

      Fifth, the rapid supply chain management capabilities

      Stationery manufacturers in the market needs a lot of new products introduced each year at the same time, be able to effectively manage new product design, raw material procurement, production, distribution and other supply chain systems, and accurately based on market demand fast response, accurate prediction of product trends, estimates of new production, control of raw materials and finished goods inventory sluggish. Therefore, the market leader in stationery needs with fast supply chain management capabilities.

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