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Stationery, safety and practicality of the most important

Add time:2014.07.23

I once participated in the school's parents and teachers when it comes to children with stationery, emphasized that parents give their children to buy, you should pay attention to safety and practicality, as little as possible for children to buy fancy toys style stationery. This will not only help children concentrate in class listen carefully, you can avoid some of the damage is not environmentally friendly stationery children's health.

I believe that the teacher speaks very correct. There have been media exposure correction fluid, highlighters, etc. contain toxic ingredients, long-term or heavy use of hazardous child health; mostly stationery and various flavor added synthetic fragrances, these volatile organic compounds have harmful than good. Market erasers, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners and other stationery style more and more, in an elementary school in front of the stationery store, the reporter saw only the rubber, there is "angry bird", "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", "plant zombies "and a hundred kinds of shapes, these cute little rubber categorized packed in a transparent plastic bag, dazzled people have seen great love. We can say that as long as the kids favorite elements can be found in the shadow of stationery. However, according to many teachers to reflect, when they are brought into the classroom as school supplies, those with poor self-control child, because they will be colorful shapes stationery distracted, affecting the learning efficiency.

Stationery learning tool should be used to promote better and more efficient conduct of the study aids. The stationery market seems to run counter to this basic function. The author believes that the student stationery, should first ensure their safety. This requires manufacturers spirit of children's health than days thinking, environmentally sound production of stationery, to eliminate all toxic and harmful ingredients added. Secondly, as far as possible based on its usefulness when buying stationery, less fancy some entertainment, some more inspirational elements. This requires parents, teachers guide the children to buy more than simple, practical stationery, kids who like entertainment but also those who can learn when stationery supplies, it should let the children try to play at home, less to the classroom, so as not to affect the class attention force.

Little stationery, seemingly light, which contains the "weight" is not light. Let the children use quality health stationery, which is for children to create a good learning conditions, which requires businesses, parents and the school work together.

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