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Gaudiness has become a high-frequency word. The value of the stationery industry should be more practical.

Add time:2020.05.21

After more than 30 years of development, although the domestic stationery industry is still relatively fragmented, mostly small businesses, the market has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

Strictly speaking, the stationery industry's pursuit of appearance by itself does not lead to a decline in reputation.From the perspective of market demand, a major consumer group of stationery is students. Good-looking and fresh are important factors for attracting students, especially lower-grade students. In addition, for the post-00s and post-10s who are becoming the main force of stationery consumption, because they have more information and more choices, they have higher requirements for face value and creativity than students in the past.

From the perspective of the industry itself, on the one hand, with the upgrade of consumption, stationery products only provide practical functions, which can no longer meet consumer demand. This forced the stationery industry to innovate and upgrade, and to expand in the direction of value, even culture. There are some successful cases, for example, the Forbidden City ingests themes from architecture, cultural relics, and history, deeply explores the aesthetic connotation and cultural relics knowledge, and creatively designs it as a stationery of the Forbidden City. This kind of stationery can not only highlight the personality of consumers, but also have an educational function due to the implantation of its cultural connotation.

Expanding from practicality to aesthetics, culture and other fields is not only a requirement for consumption upgrade, but also a manifestation of innovation and upgrade in the stationery industry. However, the reason for the decline of public praise is that some stationery enterprises pursue the innovation of appearance too much and neglect the innovation of stationery's own use performance, which gives people a flashy consumption experience.

In contrast, some of the more mature stationery markets abroad, while pursuing the appearance level, they also do not forget to improve the use experience of consumers. For example, because the four corners of a square rubber are not easily rubbed into small corners after being rounded, a foreign company has produced 28-corner building block rubber.

It should be noted that some domestic stationery companies are also constantly innovating in the performance of their products and have achieved good results. For example, a company added a buffer spring structure to the gel pen to slow down the writing pressure for a long time. When the pen is dropped, it can also protect the pen tip, and pick it up to continue writing. This product won two design awards in Germany and Japan.

The upgrade of stationery products is often reflected in the details and attitudes. Whether or not to make a product intentionally, consumers will know immediately. And good reputation is also accumulated through the innovation of details. To become a successful stationery company, we should work together in product innovation, consumer experience, brand management and other aspects.

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